Blogger Vs WordPress Vs Everything Else

Once you decide you’re going to blog, these questions comes to mind:
Blogger or WordPress?
Are there any other options?
What’s better?
Okay, first of all I can’t really tell you what’s better because I’m not an expert, nor I have tried them all. So you’re thinking why are you waiting your time here?
Because I’m a beginner now just like you. There’s a lot of information on the internet, all sort of pros and cons that you don’t even know if it really matters to you or not.  Therefore, I’m going to keep it simple.
Now. Lets talk about your options, other than Blogger and WordPress:
The top two sites that I found and liked during my search were Typepad and Snappages. They both are simple to use and allow you to create good looking websites and blogs easily. Snappages offer a free membership and paid also, they host your blog so you don’t have to worry about it. While Typepad only offers a paid membership as low as $9 with a 14 days free trial.
Personally, I was going to go with Typepad.. It allows you to make a beautiful blog with no trouble and they have a good customer service and I just thought it’s right for me. I would pay for it for a few months then monetize my blog and then profit from it. And I guess that’s always our problem.. We just get so overwhelmed and ahead of ourselves as beginners, or at least I do.
So I realized it’s better to go with a free blog at first. But not Snappages.. Why? It was pretty simple. Support. And I mean community support and customization of course. There are much more options to customize your blog with widgets and what not, than other other services.Here are their websites if you want to check them out:


And that brings us back to Blogger Vs WordPress:
In my humble opinion I think that they both are (almost) the same. And both are FREE. I chose WordPress because it has more options when it comes to expanding in the future and it allows for a better customization and far more things to do with than blogging.
But that doesn’t mean that Blogger is bad! Because, as a beginner starting your blog, it won’t be that different for you whether you’re here or there, because what you want to do now is just keep posting and hope for people to read those posts.
Once you get more popular you have the choice to do whatever you want. Of course a better site will cost you and it’s not as easy as it sounds. But I’ve read about a lot of people who moved their blogs to WordPress and got their own domain and all. But I look it that way, they got popular on Blogger so that’s something.
Both allow you to backup your blog and once you do that you’re free to go wherever you want. Unlike Typepad for example, even though it’s paid, it doesn’t let you make a full backup.
Oh and one last thing.. WordPress iPhone app is much better than Blogger and it allows you to have a better control over your blog and much more.
Finally, it’s not really important where you go… You just have to start somewhere, and in time you can expand and change as you see fit. So if you ever read this and you still haven’t decided then go right now and choose one, I think I would slightly recommend WordPress over Blogger, but, after you pick one, you can try the other, it might be a waist of time but believe me it will help you if you’re not sure. For me, I think blogging on Blogger or WordPress are the same when it comes to the basic functions of blogging. If that’s just what you’re going to do then go ahead and choose either because it doesn’t matter much. Because in the end it’s all about what you’re writing about and that’s what you must think more about. But if you’re thinking about expanding, and getting self-hosted then I think that WordPress is better as it’s supported by web hosts by allowing simple installation for your WordPress blog on your custom domain.
I hope that helped 🙂

4 comments on “Blogger Vs WordPress Vs Everything Else

    • That’s what happened to me too! I just switched from Blogger to here. It was fine there for starting a blog, but for future plans and better customization I changed to WordPress.

      Thank you for your input 🙂

      • You are very welcome. I had intended to monatise my blog as well, but I found it to be more therapeutic than a money spinner, plus I couldn’t fully work out how so gave up on it and kept the blog anyway!

      • Yeah that’s actually true. But monetizing it shouldn’t be your primary goal. I think there’s no harm in doing it as long as it won’t come in the way of what you’re doing.

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